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Writer's blog: season 2, episode 7

By Go Girls storyliner Jodie Molloy

A script maven by the name of Rachel Lang once wrote that Go Girls is a place where a lot of people get to 'step up'. And I count myself very gratefully one of them.

When asked to come and join the team halfway through Series 2 I wasn't sure exactly what I could bring to the table other than X-rated travel tales, Schnitzel tips and raft of irrelevant opinions including important things like what perfumery Olivia might wear. While not widely regarded as viable employment skills, thankfully Rachel, Gavin and Kate are running a programme (literally) where they embrace and mentor individuals such as myself.

I adopted the North Shore as home in my mid 20's and I have to admit that when I've caught my breath after singing the theme song loudly at the beginning of each episode (still) I love seeing my neighborhood on screen. It could be the shot of Rangitoto or a Hurstmere Rd cafe or even Britta loitering behind Takapuna buildings when stalking the 'Witch's' bump.  But with local based patriotism aside, I really have lucked out to work with such well-drawn and awesome characters. 

Though it may sound peculiar, I often sit at work and stare at cast photo and it leads me to muse on how like with anyone you know, there's always the  'thing' that makes them who they are. I covet Amy's hair and that she can look criminally great in a primary colour tracksuit.  I'm perpetually envious of Britta's amazing legs, (particularly when dressed for school reunions as Beyonce) Cody's fringe is pretty awesome and my word she can wear the color Red like a minx. And Kev makes me want to do a mechanic shop trawl in the hope that he's working local and that we can go to the Taka or  grab a Banh Canh together after he's fixed my starter motor...

That's kind of how I see the Go Girls gang. Friends. People I know and care about. Like a couple of weeks back when I had to have a lie down after Amy and Hans left. I cried like a baby and it didn't help when a friend unsympathetically asked 'But didn't YOU know that was happening?' Well of course I did, but it makes you no less weepy. I too, like many of you, found myself inches from the screen yelling " Don't Go Amy."

Part of the joy of working on this show is the endless array of carving up hysterical through to poignant moments, sharing really lame ideas that come after you had too much sugar for lunch, shameful admissions of the personal kind and all in the hope that your own shocking moments are the same mistakes that we've all made and share while navigating our 20's (and beyond!) Just like in this week's Episode 7... Who hasn't faced the prospect of temptation while being in a relationship?

Cody, Cody, Cody...

When will Ben Maddox be out of your system? This blast from the past crops up again and as you saw in the last series, clothing may well be optional. Her ex boyfriend is her Achilles heel and she's going to face some tough choices. Will Codes stick to her marital guns or will she find herself lured back into familiar territory?

And on that note, Cody's not the only one having a blast from her past.  Olivia like me was a 'New Kid On The Block' this year so I have a real soft spot for her. Settling back into life on the Shore after her high-flying life as a fashionista in New York hasn't been easy so far and you've got to give the girl her due. She's tackling her demons head on so far and that's what why  we have the pleasure of introducing you to the hilariously cynical  Leo. 

Everybody knows a Leo. He's the guy that makes you cringe with his opinions, his self-serving interest and too cool for school attitude - but he's strangely compelling with his lopsided opinionated view of the world. 

He's yet another character from Olivia's former life that she needs to reckon with in order to move onwards and upwards. And let's just hope this one goes better than her catch up with blind ex Nathan! But perhaps in rectifying her past with Leo means some new avenues for her future? Leo's played devilishly well by Leighton Cardno and we're pretty sure that you'll find him amusing to say the least. I think I may have burst a rib via laughter when we were creating his character. He's very much a guy you just love to hate.

And speaking of love, things really start to hot up on the romance front in episode 8. And on the bromance front, if you're wondering how Brad and Kevin are going to get on long term as flatties, make sure nothing stops you from seeing episode 9.  It's a personal favourite and a total and utter cracker!  It's the Go Girls boys at their best...