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Writer's blog: Kev and Fran WHAT?

Writer:  Kate McDermott

Blog by Rachel Lang

Kate had some family things to deal with as well as the lurgy.  So I'm stepping in . . .

She's a busy woman is our Kate.  She has four daughters, a fulltime job, a very cool and involved husband - but he is a musician and away on tour sometimes.  Kate is very, very close to her family.  She also manages a very active social life, with her family and many, many friends . . .

Kate has a gift for friendship, and the rocking good time, which Gav and I often envy.  (And sometimes we get to tag along.) But it does make her the ideal person to work on our show.

Go Girls is all about family and friends.  And us writers are quite a tight unit as well.

We all got our start on Shortland Street - (for me and Gav this was many years ago).  We've worked with Kate since then on various shows.  But Go Girls was the show where Kate got to shine, because she completely got the show from the outset . . .

Writers and shows are an interesting match-making exercise - some writers like rude, or gritty, or tragic, or funny or melodramatic - and it's all about finding the right people for the idea. 

If they don't get it: it'll end in silent dinners, surly exchanges, no calling back - a bad break up.   Relationship drama in the wrong way.  But if they do get it, then you have magic.

Kate was a fabulous, essential addition to our team, and between us we've written most, actually all, of the episodes.

And because Gav and I are old farts, we like to give new people a go and this year we also had some new lovely storyliners - Laura Hill and Sam Shore.

Laura is an actress ( quite famous from Shortland Street, where she sadly got knocked off ). 

Laura is gorgeous, and also an extremely sharp cookie.  In fact, when we watch her on auditions, we always think she can't hide her sharp intelligence.  (But keep watching because she appears on Go Girls in Episode 8 - and in an interesting twist, she's up against one of her old Shortie co-stars)

Should get Laura to blog about that  . . .

Sam is a playwright (as well as doing good works with Rainbow Youth), when he's not working on Go Girls - and the sweetest man you will ever meet.   He is smart, intuitive, and blushes a touching pink when he's upset or embarrassed.  Apart from being talented, he is also a superlative baker - pecan tarts ahoy!

And speaking of food, last year on Go Girls storylining - cos some of us were a bit poor and lunch on Jervois Road can get a bit steep - we instituted something called 'lunch club'. 

Every storylining day, one of us brought the shared lunch.   Nerdy, but very enjoyable - because food is what keeps us going at the Bunker (apart from the bad taste jokes).

But anyway, what about episode 3?   We did think it was a risk for Kevin to get it on with Fran, but we also thought it was important for him to still be Kev even when he is so close to getting the girl of his dreams, so I'll be interested to see what you lot think of it.   Good?  Bad?  Too far?

The crew certainly enjoyed it, and Jay and Ingrid did too.  Ingrid who plays Fran is so into her role, I am surprised she hasn't branched out into real estate.   She is one of the many absolute troupers in our supporting cast, who have been amazing.

At season 1, most of these (a little bit) older actors had way more experience than our lead gals and guys - but their generosity and continuing involvement has been so gratifying. 

Now our leads are on fire - but the supporting cast continue to rock.  (Will probably fizz more about this later, as the season goes on.)

But back to lovely Kate.  Did you know that her mum is a real estate agent? It's something we didn't know when we made up the prop.  Did you know that she has a friend who is a professional party fairy?  Something we also didn't know either at the time.

I guess this is partly why Kate related to the show.  Kate gets old friends, she gets the closeness of family.

And Kate has always been all over the McManns.  She gets having kids young; she gets their cheery chaos - their love for one another despite the norms and their fierce loyalty.  And she is being loyal right now. 

Bless you for that, honey.