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Go Girls' writer's blog: Episode seven

Go Girls episode 7.

Rachel Lang is a writer for Go Girls.

I wasn't meant to write this episode, because I have this bossy boss at the production company, who we will just call 'JJ'.  She is in charge of writing schedules and worries a lot about writers not making their deadlines, (as does happen from time to time - unless that writer's name is 'girly swot Gavin'). 

(And by the way, should your life need reorganising in a way that is strict, but always fair, 'JJ' is your woman.)

But anyway, as luck would have it, I did get to write ep 7 and I was very pleased about that.

I love all our characters because they're all beautiful and special, but I have a very soft spot for Cody.  This was a big ep for her - meeting two Mr Possibly Rights in one week - one she can't have, Ben Maddox, and the one she can, Eli.

It also had the 'hog pull' where the rugby players competed to pick up a fat chick. This is utterly vile, but what's worse is - it's based on a real life anecdote which came from Kate in the course of storylining.  In the anecdote from real life, the chick didn't do a Cody and punch out the guy, because this would have bad consequences, since in real life violence is not okay. 

In fiction, violence is also not okay - but it can be dramatically satisfying. 

This was also the episode where director Angela Bloomfield really hit her straps.  She did eps 1 and 2 (drama series are often shot in 'blocks' of two episodes.)  Ange and Katie Wolfe had most of their drama directing experience on Shortland Street, so Go Girls was a different challenge for them.  They had the support of our excellently wonderful producer, Chris Bailey, but essentially, they were chucked off the wharf and told to go swim a marathon - fast.

And swim they both did. 

It's always great seeing the touches directors, actors and crew add to a script.   Like the bit where Ben held the umbrella to see Cody to the door after their sort of date.  This wasn't in the script, but Ange and the actors made the most of the fact that it was raining (yet again!) and it really added to the scene.

Go Girls was a show where a lot of people got to 'step up'.  By this I mean crew members who were experienced in drama, but hadn't been heads of department, like Danelle in make up, or DJ, our Director of Photography.

And our fabulous costume designer Sarah Voon was back in the wardrobe hot seat after time away having kids.  She did a great job in marking out the world, and the characters.  I particularly loved the way she dressed Amy and her mother Alison.  Even though Amy doesn't like Alison, they're more alike than Amy thinks.  And this is totally obvious in what they wear . . . 

I also love the pastel sleepwear of the entire McMann household, which never fails to entertain me.

Ah yes, simple pleasures. 

It's why I liked watching Sex & The City.  Yes, there were the stories, but part of the fun was going: "What a great outfit," or "Omigod, what was she wearing???"

Our girls and Kev are walking down Hurstmere Road, not Fifth avenue, but Sarah has achieved the same kind of thing , so go her!

There are never guarantees with a show and particularly a new one.  What ends up on the telly is a mysterious alchemy made of the combined decisions of every individual on the cast and crew from beginning to end.  

And the final part of the magic equation is - someone to watch it.

With Go Girls, I always knew there'd be people (the odd reviewer perchance?) who wouldn't love it the way we do, because it wasn't dark, or gritty or cynical.   But that's okay, because people who want dark, gritty and cynical can watch other things.

And we're getting lots of feedback from people who do really like it.  (Yes, we're having the odd Sally Field moment.)   And because enough of you are watching, we've had good 'ratings'.  (Mysterious statistics loved by networks, compiled by a research company based on what some mysterious people out there somewhere were watching last night.)

I'd like to be able to say (as per Nan) that I don't give a flying continental about ratings, but actually that would be a lie.  Because even if I was prouder than proud of a series, if no one watched it, that would kind of defeat the purpose and be sadder than sad.

So - to all of you who sit down on a Thursday night to see what Kev, the gals and their families are up to, a very big thank you for your contribution to Go Girls.

We love your work.