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Go Girls' writer's blog: Episode 13

Writers' blog for Go Girls episode 13

Rachel Lang

Well here we are - episode 13 has hit the screen and it's the end of Go Girls series 1.

I can't trust Rachel to give the dirt, she's too nice, so I'm gonna have to butt in here (this is Gavin, by the way...)

Normally, us exciting writer types would celebrate the end of a series by sitting at home in front the TV, and going - oh well, that's it. 

Rachel is just as likely to be at the office, working.

But this is where Kate McD comes in with other ideas . . .

On top of her obvious achievements - fabulous writer, hottie mother of four - she is also always keen for a party.  She also happens to be related to half of Auckland.  So it's not surprising that Kate's cousin's girlfriend turns out to run the Gables, which is a pub, with a big TV screen, mostly used for the watching of sport.

And Kate decided that we could all get together and use said big screen for the watching of the last episode of Go Girls with the actors and crew and anyone else who might want to come along.   And this is exactly what we did.

This is where we don't mention that we shamelessly plunder said extended McD whanau for true life stories, weird and wonderful.

So there we all were, full circle.  Rather like episode 1, we had the McD whanau and fan club in evidence, as well as assorted actors, writers, directors, crew and their families. 

But there was a difference.  With episode 1, we were all very nervous about how it would go, whether anyone would care about four ordinary North Shore mates and their dreams and ambitions.

Jay, who plays Kevin, said he realised how it had gone when he arrived at the airport just before the do, and was greeted by the customs guy, who was a big fan. 

But our cast are so gorgeous, they are still surprised that anyone recognises them or thinks they're great, which they are. 

So now at the Gables, we didn't have to be nervous anymore, whew,  and everyone was on fine form, including a whole lot of our talented and gorgeous cast, including Jay, the two Bronnies (Cody and Gwen) Alix (Britta), Tania (Angelina), Matt (Brad), Willie (Wiri), Stephen (Larry), Theresa (Alison), Jared (Mr Maddox). 

It was quite a reunion, but the punters eventually turned their attention to the big screen, as ta daaaa - the roller coaster of  episode 13 unfolded under the helm of modest and yet spunky director, Peter Salmon - who we worship for his attention to detail. 

(The pohutukawa flowers in scene one!  They were stuck on especially to make it like January.)

And does she mention the gorgeous script? No, of course not.  But it is; it brings together the underlying philosophy of the series (ie, you can make all the plans in the world and it can all come unstuck, nice people don't always get treated nicely and shit happens&) in a really clever and funny and touching way.

Yes, they were a biased crowd at the Gables, but they were appreciative of fairies and witches and moments soppy and sweet.  

(And on the trivia front, I have to tell you that the little girl with cancer was played by Gloria Strawhan, Gavin's daughter.  She got her head shaved for the role and got sponsorship for it, which she gave to the Child Cancer Society.  Go Glor!)  

The biased and increasingly lubricated crowd now loved the fight in the flower bed outside the church.  (That director again - the crew put in a flower specially for the scene.)  They ohed and aahed over Gwen and Possum, they were sad for Amy, heart broken for Kevin. 

And then it was the end.

By now you know what happened - that Cody did get married, Britta was famous in some small way for something good, and Amy went from almost rich to being scammed by a nice older lady, losing the love of her life, and left deeply in debt.

Well, not everyone could end up happily ever after and we wanted to leave some things open in case there was a next time . . .

But on the plus side, Kevin did get his sports steering wheel.

Meanwhile at the Gables, the revelling went on until late.  So late in fact that one of the writers got home at six in the morning - and there will be no prizes for guessing that this was Kate McD.  She is an inspiration.

Who apparently managed to crash a Polynesian only Dance Party and prove that Whitey's have rhythm too - and not to mention the Director who will remain nameless who had trouble getting a cab cos she was soooo pissed.  Or the sad old writers who were home by 1am.  I don't have evidence yet of injudicious sexual choices, but I'm working on it.

So thanks to cuzzie Aroha for a great night, and once Kate is recovered we'll be back to the serious business of writing the next thirteen episodes and working out what next for our heroes.

Naturally we have one or two ideas, and our guys have learnt one or two things from the bold experiment of season 1.  So it could be time for new dreams, ambitions and adventures.

But in the meantime, thanks so much for watching.   And if you missed any episodes or you just want to commune with the gang again, series 1 should be out on DVD this year, and season 2 will be on air next year.

Watch out for the special features on the DVD. Rach and I are on a couple of episodes, blabbing  away with the Producer, Chris Bailey, the show's biggest fan.

See you then.