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Go Girls


Rich. Famous. Married.

Where we left them:

Rich. Famous. Married. That was the plan.  But... it'd be fair to say things didn't exactly go to plan, eh?  And if you get what you want, is it what you really want?

So 'Rich'...

Yeah nah.

Amy (Anna Hutchison) is even more broke now than she was 365 days ago. 

Back then, she had nothing. Now, she owes $200,000 on a mortgage for a house that she thought she'd bought but actually hadn't.

The house she bought with Brad, the love of her life.  Who's now gone back to his pregnant wife, Angelina.

Amy has learned that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the universe still takes a dump on you.


In a country where it seems that anyone can be famous for doing not very much, Britta (Alix Bushnell) found it a bit of a tough road.

Somewhere along the way she worked out that she just didn't have the personality for it.

Britta got to the end of the quest with her conscience intact and in the knowledge she's too damn nice to be famous. 

Britta McMann, nobody - and quite okay with that, thanks.


All Cody (Bronwyn Turei) wanted was a nice frock, a big party for her family and friends, oh and a halfway decent groom, thanks.

She got more than she could have imagined - a hotter than hot rugby star, her picture splashed all through the media.

Pity the groom wasn't the guy she was in love with - and he liked to play for the other team (we're not talking rugby.)

Cody achieved her quest and said 'I do' - but also discovered that while dreams come true, it's not always in the way you expected.

And Kevin (Jay Ryan)...

Wanted everything to stay the same. But in 365 days, it's amazing how much everything changed. He even had the girl of his dreams - for one night at least.

But that wasn't a happy ending. And, this year, things are going to change even more...