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Go Girls recap: S4, ep 11


Amy faces the ultimate showdown with Rupert the Perve.  But will she have to sacrifice her career?

Brad's mystery collapse is still a talking point, but his blood results show Rohypnol. 

Brad works out that the drink was meant for Amy - and the evidence points to Rupert - as she is about to go Wellington to work on a case with him.

Robyn is worried about her sons and drugs, and Olivia reassures. But then finds Will using speed. She starts to suspect he has a drug problem, and when she realises he's lied to her, she dumps him.

Will promises he will give up on drugs, because he loves her.   

Amy has no evidence that Rupert tried to drug her, and tries to get out of going to Wellington.  Eventually she has to tell Brendan that Rupert harassed her. Brendan seems sympathetic, but Amy is then distraught when he suggests the solution is she leaves.

The Go Girls are incensed on her behalf - and deploy their combined resources to get at Rupert. 

But the clincher is NSB, who pulls a big client from the firm. A paranoid Rupert blames Amy and loses it with Brendan - and leaves.  Amy wins out, and is overwhelmed by what her friends have done for her.