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Go Girls recap: S3, ep 4

Matt Whelan as Brad in Go Girls on TV2

Episode 4  Be My Baby (aired 1 March)

When Brad gets surprising news, Britta confronts the green eyed monster. And Kevin gets an offer that could ace his quest.

Brad is surprised when Mia, his one night stand from series 2 contacts him, wanting to meet.

Kevin is guessing a rematch but it turns out she is heavily pregnant. Brad is the father but Mia insists she doesnt want anything; shes just letting him know.

Brad reveals all to Britta and expects the worst, but instead Britta's concern is for Kevin - Brad's pipped him at his quest.

Brad is pleased that Britta isnt the least bit jealous. Not so Britta's family who darkly hint that Mia might have other motives.

Brad starts Spanish classes and is thrown to find Angelina there. He is relieved that Britta isnt jealous of his ex either.

But when he is summoned to a meeting with his mother, Brad learns that Britta has been secretly meeting with her and let slip the situation re: Mia.

He is very distressed all the more so when Robyn is disappointed that Brad is taking no responsibility for this child.

Cody talks to Britta about the nature of jealousy and Britta's concerns finally get the better of her. She tracks down Mia who insists she has no need of Brads family money; she owns her own successful day spa business.

Britta realises that she has jealousy after all but only because Mia is successful and younger than her!

Mia comes to see Brad, annoyed. She wants him to call off his girlfriend and stop pressuring her. And Britta discovers a different kind of jealousy when she learns that Brad's mother has still been meeting with Angelina!

Word is getting around and Mia comes back to Brad having learned who his mother is and that she knows her mother. It's getting way too complicated. But Brad insists that he wants to be involved with the child and Mia finally relents. She and Brad go to the ultra-sound together.

Off the Brad/Britta story, Jan goes to Kevin with a proposition. She knows a woman who is desperate for a baby. Kevin reluctantly agrees to meet and is delighted to find that Laura is lovely.

But when Lauras hot girlfriend Claire joins them he realises they are lesbians who want him as a donor. Kevin flees. He vents to Olivia who suggests he shouldnt be so hasty but Kevin is adamant; no bloody way.

Jan and Carol go to Kevin to apologise for the misunderstanding and to plead Laura and Claire's case. Kevin talks to the lesbians and is pleasantly surprised to learn they want their child's father involved and they share his core values. After talking to Olivia (who confides her regret that if she has to have chemo, it will be a long time before she can have kids) Kevin agrees to be the donor.

Britta guesses that Kevin is doing this because he wants to get one over Brad and assures him, that if they are both single in ten years, then she will have his baby.

But Kevin doesnt want to wait. The lesbians draw up a whanau agreement for Kevin who takes it to Angelina who agrees it is a sound document.

But when Kevin goes to do the deed and sees how much Laura and Claire love each other, he cant go through with it.

He realises that he doesnt just want a kid. He wants a family.