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Go Girls recap: s2, ep8

EPISODE EIGHT: How low can you go?  (August)

Kevin finds the downside of being the other man, while Britta's list is an inspiration to one ideal man.

Kevin has fallen in love with Kirby, which makes sharing her with her rugby star husband Zave even harder.  With Kevin's vow to aim higher, will he settle for being the other guy, or will he step up and really go for what he wants? And if he does, will Zave smack his head in?

With Olivia's help, Britta makes a list of attributes she would like in her ideal man.  Meanwhile, it appears that Brad is finally over Amy, and maybe has his sights set on someone else. 

Now that Olivia and Brad are part of the gang, Cody feels on the outer and she can't even tell her jet-setting husband about it.  Fortunately there is someone else she can talk to, but she could be playing with fire.