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Go Girls recap: s2, ep12

EPISODE 12:  Together Alone (December)

Christmas a time of joy and togetherness as Cody faces fallout, Kevin plays with fire and Britta sees flaws in her true love.

Kevin can't look at Olivia in the same way anymore, but as he is in denial he finds a distraction with someone else who is as indifferent to the silly season as he is - Angelina. 

He's also distracted by the fact that Cody's marriage break-up has been announced by Eli via a weekly magazine. For Cody, this means war but when she takes on Eli and Flinty the consequences are also felt by Kev.

Britta's new romance hits its first speed bump when she realises that she is spending more time babysitting Josephs kids than she is spending with Joseph. Brad is resigned to the fact that Britta is in love with someone else, but Nan is firmly on Team Brad - if only he'd make his move!