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Go Girls recap: s1, ep6

Britta is struck by tragedy; Amy gets the wrong idea; and there's a new McMann in town.

Britta is distracted from the quest by the terrible news her father, Marty Boyle, has been found - dead. 

In fact, he's been dead since he went missing, twenty years ago; buried in the long drop he was digging in a remote area of bush. 

Britta's opportunist little sister, Candy, arrives on the hunt for an inheritance, but Fran doesn't want anyone to know about her previous association with a notorious drug dealer like Marty.

Amy suggests Britta could work through her grief and become famous but Fran has no intention of jeopardising her career by having the past dragged up and forbids Britta from going public.

Candy offers to do a magazine article with her - she can have the fame, Candy will settle for cash - but Britta thinks they need to respect her mother's wishes.

Britta sneaks off to the memorial where she meets Marty's lovely parents, who are the kind of 'normal' caring family she never had. 

They give Britta a gift of a family heirloom and promise to do a magazine article with her.

They also reveal an old chest that Marty left behind that they've never opened.

It contains a letter addressed to Fran and some 'lost' Colin McCahon paintings, worth a lot of money!

Fran is delighted; Marty did care about her after all. But then Britta learns there has been a bit of a mix up.  

Marty's real daughter is Candy. Fran admits that Britta was a toddler when she met Marty so it was easier to let her think he was her Dad.

She claims she doesn't actually know who Britta's real father is. To make matters worse, Candy and Fran do get a magazine spread out of their story.

Amy witnesses Cody threatening Candy for taking advantage of Kevin's good nature, and is struck by a revelation - Cody loves Kevin.

When she brings up the possibility with Kevin, they get their wires crossed and Kevin thinks it's Amy who wants him. 

When he realises she means Cody, he is mortified and finds it hard to be around Cody anymore.

When Amy realises her mistake, she goes to apologise to Kevin and finds him bonking - Candy. 

She is peeved that Kev could fall for such a 'cliché' but, to Kevin's disappointment, she's not jealous.

But at least Kevin and Cody can go back to being mates and giving each other a hard time.

Cody is hurt by Kev's strangely rude behaviour.

When she finds out what Amy has done she is mightily pissed off. She doesn't fancy Kevin 'that' way.

Gwen urges Cody not to compromise by rushing things on her behalf; the right guy is out there somewhere.

Kevin's innocent remark that 'Candy has grown up a fair bit' sets the tongues wagging amongst the girls. 

She sweet talks him into lending her his car and generally takes advantage of him until Cody warns her off.

When Amy also warns her to stay away from Kevin, Candy is intrigued and decides it might be worthwhile bonking him after all. But Kevin has to admit, sex with Candy wasn't exactly all he thought it would be&