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Go Girls recap: s1, ep5

Amy feels betrayed and Kevin's heart gets the better of him. Gwen drops a bomb.

Amy goes to a party at her mother's house to welcome home younger brother Scott.

Amy encourages Larry to come, but Larry feels awkward around Alison and gets well hammered. 

Amy is peeved to discover Brad and Angelina at the party and even more annoyed to learn that Brad has been giving her mother financial advice.

As she icily points out to Brad, that money came from the sale of the house and her mother's betrayal.

Alison's attempts to mend bridges are interrupted when Larry gets belligerent. 

Later, when Amy discovers that Brad's company has gone bust, she assumes her mother has lost her money, but Alison disabuses her; Brad advised her to put her money elsewhere.

Brad is now unemployed and finds solace with old friends.

When he helps a well pissed Larry home one night, Amy thanks him and a thaw is underway.

Later Brad and Amy have a good old time at the bar and it seems Britta's romantic predictions are right.

But thanks to Kevin, Angelina arrives and breaks up the party.

Britta is convinced Brad will leave Angelina but the next day Brad arrives to apologise to Amy for any 'mixed signals'; he and Angelina have agreed to work harder on their marriage.

Kevin is increasingly troubled by his desire for Amy.

At Scott's party, Kev's not pleased when Britta suggests Amy still has feelings for Brad.

He sees Amy's annoyance with Brad as a sign Britta has it all wrong.

Later he has a go at Brad about giving Alison bad financial advice - then learns from Amy he got it all wrong.


Later, in an unusually devious twist, he lets Angelina know that Brad is at the bar with Amy.

He is afraid it's all backfired and dreads finding Brad at Amy's house the next day.

However, in the end it's a pyrrhic victory because it makes him realise Britta was right; Amy still cares about Brad.

Britta busies herself being Fairy Romance - encouraging Cody to find Mr Right and Amy to be honest about her feelings for Brad.

Cody is dressed for the party by Britta; goods on display and in heels.

When Cody's heels get stuck in the ground and she falls over in front of Scott and his mates, she's humiliated and slips away from the party.

She walks over to her parent's place where she is surprised (and excited) to find Ben Maddox dropping Gwen home from the supermarket.

It turns out Gwen had forgotten she had left her car at home and thought it was stolen.

When Ethel (Ben's car) refuses to start, Cody tows him to the garage where Kevin agrees to give Ethel the overhaul she so badly needs. Cody tries to cover her feelings, but Kev can tell she's still keen on Ben. 

However, all thoughts of romance are pushed aside when Gwen announces at a family meal that she's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Cody tries to deal with it in her own way - through denial - a method Kevin can respect.

However when Ben arrives to pick up Ethel and invites Cody for a test drive to discuss why Possum's been so quiet in class, Cody breaks down and cries.

As Ben comforts, Cody gives in to her desires and kisses him.

He gently breaks with her and Cody is mortified. She's determined to find someone to marry before Gwen is too 'dolally' to remember it.