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Go Girls recap: s1, ep2

Amy gets a foot in the business door but Kevin smells a rat; and sparks fly when Britta meets up with a former flame.

Amy, inspired by self help books and her father's own success story, is selling cars from her front yard. 

Larry is supposed to be helping but in fact, he is drinking and gambling away the profits. 

He lies to Amy that he lent the money to an old mate.

Kevin can't bring himself to tell Amy the truth about her Dad. 

However when Amy decides to sell her car so she can buy a Lexus at a bargain price, Kevin finally fronts up to Larry and suggests he come clean.

Larry promises that he will - but a lucky win on the pokies enables him to squirm out of the problem and Amy is none the wiser. 

However Larry admits his heart just isn't in the car game anymore and urges Amy to 'follow her own star' after the Lexus deal falls through.

Amy sees a warehouse of socks for sale - Lucky Star Imports - she is inspired by her father's words and buys them and sets up a stall at the market - Sox in the City.

Britta is inspired by Amy's words about looking for signs and following her star.

In fact, the stars lead right to her old boyfriend, Marco, a radio jock who has just returned to the north shore for a prime gig with 4 Shore FM. 

Britta, a barely recovering Marco-holic, is smitten. She also sees this as a way to get famous - as the girl who's waking up with Marco. 

But Amy and Cody are horrified; as far as they're concerned Marco is bad news.

He took Britta away with him to his last gig; Radio Wanganui and then broke her heart. 

But Britta seems unable to remember any of this.  She plans a future with Marco but Cody and Amy soon realise that Marco hasn't changed.

When they go around and talk to him, they find him in bed with his 'flatmate'.  Marco makes fun of them and Cody punches him out. 

Britta is furious at their interference and it seems that the quest is in danger of tearing their friendship apart. 

However, Marco can't keep his big mouth shut and suggests that Britta help him organise an on air competition for Cody; how about 'my big fat beach wedding?'

Britta is horrified that Marco could talk about her friend this way and the scales fall from her eyes.

She remembers the truth about Wanganui - how she was seriously depressed and Cody and Amy came and rescued her. Sadder but wiser, she dumps Marco.

Cody pays lip service to her quest to get married, but deflects Amy's pushiness and does nothing.

However, when she gives Britta a hard time about Marco, Britta turns it back on to Cody.

She points out to Amy that Cody has no intention of trying to get married. 

Cody defends that no one would want her. Amy and Britta disagree and push Cody into reluctantly agreeing to make an effort.

Kevin watches Amy's blindness to her father's faults and Britta's inability to see Marco for the dickhead he is, with growing bemusement.

What is it that makes some blokes get away with murder in chicks eyes while other blokes have no show? 

Amy and Cody explain it away as pheromones - boy smell.

After helping Amy in every way he can, Kevin sadly realises that whatever the smell is that turns her on, it's not his.