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Go Girls recap: s1, ep1

Amy, Britta and Cody are three young women suffering their quarter century crisis: 25 and what have they achieved? 

They have just made a vow that in one year they'll each fulfill their ambition: Amy will be rich, Britta will be famous and Cody will be married.

Their mate-since-childhood Kevin, admires their pluck but, to be honest, since Amy, Britta and Cody are currently: Tragically Poor; Tragically Unknown; and Tragically Single, he reckons it's going to be a bit of an ask.

The girls and Kevin are on the beach, drinking tequila.  They've just made a life changing pact...

Two weeks earlier& Amy receives an unexpected invitation to a wedding reception. 

It's from her ex - Brad, who is marrying her high school nemesis, Angelina. 

Amy is annoyed at this gesture and confronts Brad who insists that he meant well.  Amy agrees to go as long as her friends can come as well. 

But Amy has bigger problems; the beloved family house is up for auction, following the break up of her parents' marriage and her father's subsequent arrest for fraud. 

Amy hopes that if she can persuade Brad (an investment advisor) to okay a loan, she and her Dad can go into business and buy back the house. 

Brad is reluctant to turn her down so he prevaricates. 

When Amy loses her job as a cold caller, he finally has to tell her he can't approve a loan. 

Brad's disloyalty reminds Amy why they broke up in the first place.  She decides she is not going to the reception and her friends back her up.

Britta is hoping for fame and fortune with her band, but 'artistic differences' result in her being dumped from the band. 

She's accused of just wanting to be famous; with the added insult that she's told she's too old! 

When she finds Brad naked and tied to a post after his stag night, he drunkenly confesses that he still loves Amy. Britta takes pity on him and takes him home to get wasted. 

The next day, she urges him to take action, but he insists that it's too late.

He's marrying Angelina. Meanwhile Angelina, upset that Brad hasn't come home, confronts Amy and warns her to stay away.

Cody, despite her tomboy appearance, has a secret obsession.

She hides and reads wedding and bride magazines like porn.  She even has a wedding dress on lay by that she's paying off at twenty dollars a week. 

But when Angelina springs her trying on her dress, she tries to run; resulting in public humiliation and arrest! 

Amy is hurt that Cody has never told them her secret; that's what they do.

Cody explains that it's been going on for over ten years - ever since she was pregnant with Possum and feeling ugly and unloved.  

They all attend the auction go support Amy and are amazed when Brad arrives in his wedding clothes and declares his love for Amy. 

He bids on the house but when it reaches three million but Amy insists she doesn't want his ridiculous gestures.  It's too late.  Brad leaves, a shattered man.  Later our heroes are amazed to learn that the wedding has gone ahead.  Angelina wouldn't take no for an answer.

So, back to the beach where they vow that in one year Amy will be rich, Britta famous and Cody will be married. 

Kevin denies he has any ambitions, but we hear his secret desire to be with Amy whom he's always loved. 

We finish with our heroes going to the wedding reception.  Britta fronts the band and sings her song while Angelina fumes, Brad regrets and the others dance&