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Go Girls


Episode 2: Total Control (February)

Go Girls

Levi has big schemes for parties, awards and a new love interest for Ted.   As Candy and Bennie both run into the hottest man on the Shore . . .


Sarah is away and Ted envies Levi, who has plans to flatter his boss, Willa, into a pay rise with an impromptu birthday party.  

Levi intervenes on Alice's paltry plans to be bad, and thinks Ted needs to stop moping over Sarah.  He suggests his assistant Tiana would be keen. 

Ted drunk dials Sarah, but is determined that he won't be boring, so starts a silly game of dress ups, which ends up with everyone posing in Willa's underwear. 

Levi sets up Ted and Tiana, but Ted's feelings for Sarah win out. 

Tiana resolves a crisis with the awards MC, but Levi takes the credit.   Tiana feels hurt.  

Ted is cursing his luck, when Sarah arrives back.  Prompted by his phone call, she’s come back early - she missed him.

Meanwhile, Candy runs into hot doctor Mitchell, who she bonked at high school.  He is keen for a rematch.  But now Bennie runs into Mitchell, literally.

Bennie tells Candy that she has loved Mitchell since forever, and Candy decides on a new project to be good. 

She invites Mitchell to the real estate awards, but as soon as Bennie sees him, she collects a tray of drinks.  Candy swaps clothes with her.  

Fran and Nancy are both frustrated in their ambitions to be number 1 real estate agent.  But now instead of real estate glamour shots, Tiana puts up the photos of the gang posing in Willa’s underwear. 

To prove she’s bad, Alice kisses Candy.  Mitchell goes home with Bennie, who is over the moon. 

Tiana offers to apologise to Willa.  But instead, Levi gets fired. 

He realises that Tiana put the photos up deliberately, has taken his job and shafted him.  

Levi now has a quest after all: very positive, very straightforward - he will get revenge on Tiana...