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Ep 3 - Cherimoya's w/ Blueberries, Limoncello and Runny Custard

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Cherimoya's w/ Blueberries, Limoncello and Runny Custard

Step 1.  Runny Custard

-500 ml Cream
-1/4 tsp Vanilla Paste
-3  Egg Yolks
-1/2 cup Sugar

Place cream and vanilla in a medium sized saucepan and heat until simmering. Remove from heat.
In a bowl, whisk your egg yolks with sugar until creamy and pale. Slowly pour the hot cream into the yolk mix whilst whisking constantly until all the hot cream is mixed in. Pour back into the saucepan and place on low heat.  Take a wooden spoon and stir continuously until the custard begins to slightly thicken, just enough to coat the back of the spoon.  Remove immediately and strain through a sieve.  Cool and then store in the fridge until required.

Step 2. Plating and Serving
-6 ripe   Cherimoya
-1 cup   Fresh Blueberries
-1/3 cup  Mint Leaves (rough chopped)
-2 Limes (juice only)
-1 to 2 Nips  Limoncello
- Runny Custard


Quarter the Cherimoya and remove the skin with a sharp knife (hold onto skin for presentation). Separate the flesh and the seeds, placing flesh into a large mixing bowl and discard the pips. Add blueberries, mint, lime juice and limoncello, and bring together gently with a large mixing spoon.

 To plate place a piece of Cherimoya skin down in the centre of each chilled plate. Spoon over the fruit mix and finish by pouring over a little runny custard. Serve now.