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What is Fringe science?

Fringe science is of course, a major part of the new TV2 series, Fringe.

But do you know what it's really about?

Wikipedia says "Traditionally, the term "fringe science" is used to describe unusual theories and models of discovery that have their basis in established scientific principle. Such theories may be advocated by a scientist who is recognized by the larger scientific community (typically due to publication of peer reviewed studies by the scientist), but this is not always the case. Mainstream science is likely to fail or make errors, but broadly speaking, a fringe science is in accord with accepted standards, and its character of resistance to change forms a mark of sound judgment as a reaction."

Still it's a very fine line between science and calling those involved kooky and a bit nuts.

It's been around for years in popular culture - it was hinted at when Mulder and Scully first opened The X-Files (well until all that stuff with aliens and black goo started) - but it's with JJ Abrams' new series that it's really come alive.

However, the reality is that there's still a fair few examples of fringe science out there in the modern world.

For example, one of the key images in Fringe is the six fingered hand - now, that could never happen in real life, right?


And it appears there's a lot more of it out there - particularly in our past.

So the next time you watch Fringe on Wednesdays on TV2 and think that could never happen, you may want to think again.

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