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Freaks and Creeps

Sundays at 3.45pm | TV ONE

About Freaks and Creeps

Freaks and Creeps had finished airing on TV ONE.

About Freaks and Creeps:

Meet National Geographic Emerging Explorer and zoologist Lucy Cooke: a one-woman warrior on a crusade to show the world why some of the most unlovable animals are actually the most interesting and deserving of our attention, study and protection.

Lucy takes a stand against the tyranny of the cute and introduces viewers to some of the worlds most underappreciated species. 

There are so many television shows about koala bears and kittens, Lucy protests. Why should orangutans in Borneo get all the love when theres a monkey there with a giant nose, a massive potbelly and a chili pepper for a penis?

Freaks and Creeps follows Lucy and her signature sense of humor across three continents as she turns the popularity contest upside down in nature. While she doesnt find braces, zits and quirky glasses on the geeks of the animal world, she does dive into the wacky life cycles of natures biggest oddballs.

The rules have changed freakish fish, dung beetles and cheeky monkeys are in; fluffy koalas and kittens are out.

The series travels from Asia to Australia to Africa and meets a frog whose mouth is longer than its legs are long, watches Lucy and her team attempt to escape a sinking boat in crocodile-infested waters, and gets up close and personal with a hedgehog-type animal with a very active sex life.

As Lucy travels through rain forests and deserts and along coastlines, she meets Australian devils (small, doglike animals) that stumble around like drunken sailors and Tasmanian critters with a taste for roadkill.

Cooke wont rest until all of natures freakiest and creepiest creatures have their day in the sun (well, unless theyre nocturnal) and get the respect they deserve.