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Forensic Investigators

Thursdays Midnight | TV ONE

About The Show

Thursdays at midnight 

About the Show

Forensic Investigators revisits the scenes of infamous and often bizarre murders, and takes viewers on a journey into the investigations that followed. The series highlights the extraordinary effort and commitment of the detectives and forensic specialists as they piece together the evidence and track down the murderer.
Unlike other crime series, Forensic Investigators has rare access to police videos, crime scene photographs, interviews with the criminals and other forensic evidence. Footage that has never been seen outside of the courtroom gives viewers first-hand knowledge of the investigation.
In each of the cases, witnesses, detectives and crime scene examiners, as well as family members and friends of the deceased, tell their part of the story. 

Through their accounts, viewers go on a fascinating journey as investigators piece together tiny pieces of evidence, which are carefully slotted into a puzzle that ultimately reveals the murderer

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