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Phoenix philosophy unchanged despite loss

Published: 10:21AM Thursday February 28, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

Phoenix's caretaker coach Chris Greenacre is adamant the side's philosophy will stay the same despite last night's loss effectively kiling their playoff hopes.

Greenacre was thrown in the deep end as he was handed the reins 36 hours before the 2-1 loss to the Newcastle Jets at home, after foundation coach Ricki Herbert resigned on Tuesday.

The former Phoenix striker told reporters at the time that he had asked the players to "eat, breathe and sleep" the club as they looked to make an unlikely push for the A-League top six.

And while last night's loss makes that goal a virtual impossibility and has them rooted to the bottom of the table, Greenacre said he was still asking for the same commitment from his players.

"We've got to keep improving and keep performing as a football club and just because of that result now, we're all hurting and we know the consequences of what's happened, but the way forward for this football club now is to keep working and look to the future," Greenacre told reporters after the match.

"It's no good just parking it and forgetting about it and letting the lads just toss it off for the next six weeks, that's not right, I'm not that kind of person and the people around me aren't that kind of people and the owners aren't that type of people.

"We need to readdress it when everyone's lost all their emotions and we've got to move on and that's the only way we can do it."

The Phoenix reached the post-season in each of the three seasons Greenacre played for them and said there was no doubt that this was the worst time during his involvement with the club.

"We've set out since I've been at this club to at least be in the finals and to finally not make it is pretty hurting, I'm hurting a lot. (It's a) low point.

"The lads are hurting, they've been hurting a lot this season, but we have to be positive, that's part of our job now to pick the players up, that's part oft he coaching, the development of people in any industry, whether it's football or any other trade you've got to pick your people that you work for up and that's what we've got to do now."

The Phoenix will try to pick themselves up with another home fixture against the Melbourne Heart on Sunday.