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Ollie Sealy reviews Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Oliver Sealy reviewed DOA Xtreme beach Volleyball on the web-only segment of Flipside for 8 April 2003. Watch this review, and the next two game reviews on the following two tuesdays (Web-only segment) and you could be in to win a Limited Edition X-Box. For more details click here .

Cheat codes for DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball:

Preferred gifts:

Ayane: Marrons Glaces, anything purple, Grape Juice, Peridot , Shurikens, any brooch
Christie: Tomato Juice, Driving, Knives, Guitars, Guns, Steering Wheel, Turquoise, Union Jack
Helena: Blanc Manger, Blue Conch, Candles, Dolphins, French Bread, Garnet, Perfume, all Murex
Hitomi: Chocolate Cake, Emerald, Frying Pan, Hourglass, Cooking Appliances, Music Boxes, Milk, All Recipes, Sachertorte, Silver Place Settings
Kasumi: Anything strawberry, Millefeuille, Amethyst, Balloons, Origami, Cushions, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Brooch
Leifang: Chinese Deserts, Fans, Diamond, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Teddy Bears
Lisa: Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Pens, Lavender, Lilies, Pineapples, Ruby, Salad, any books
Tina: Seafood, Cycling, Videogames, blue and/or red Guitars, Brooch, Pistols and Guns, Xboxes, Turquoise, Ukulele

Likes and dislikes:

Ayane: Hates Kasumi, Zack, Origami
Christie: Likes Lisa
Helena: Likes Christie; Hates Meat Buns
Hitomi: Likes Tina; hates Zack, Guitars, Scholarly Books, Tomatoes, Tarot Cards, Guns
Kasumi: Hates Ayane
Leifang: Likes everyone
Lisa: Likes Tina
Tina: Likes Lisa and Hitomi