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Flipside goes to four days

It's double the dose of Flipside in 2004, as TV2 extends the show from two to four nights a week (Monday - Thursday, at 6pm, with Flipside Late on-air at 10.30pm).

Flipside's extended format is due to the positive results from research conducted by both TVNZ and New Zealand on Air, says TV2 Manager of Programmes, Julia Baylis.

"It's an initiative TV2 has been working on for some time and we are very proud to see it continue to grow this year, as part of our expanded and ongoing commitment to youth programming."

Producer Jude Anaru says the Flipside crew is looking forward to the challenge of making the show four nights a week.

"We're here for our audience and our aim is to never underestimate the difficulty of making a show for youth. We're going to keep on striving to represent and capture in our stories, the needs, wants and issues surrounding our audience."

2004 also sees Flipside welcome a new, Wellington-based reporter, alongside the established on-air team of Evie Ashton, Mike Puru, Vanessa Clark, Sacha McNeil and Oliver Sealy.

"Its shaping up to be a great year," says host, Mike Puru. "It's fantastic that we have more nights, the addition of more reporters including a Wellington-based correspondent and just more of everything - it's like a free combo upgrade at the drive thru. We are all excited and look forward to bringing Flipside to the screens four nights a week."

Catch the Flipside take on issues and events both here and abroad, Monday - Thursday at 6pm, with new and updated reports on Flipside Late, at 10.30pm.

Flipside is also livecast on its website.