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Evie also fancies herself as a bit of a writer and has a pile of papers at the back of her desk she laughingly refers to as her 'book'. This, she assures me, she will one day finish. But probably not before she sorts out her reo as well so she can hold her own in conversation, languages being kind of her thing. She plans to head back to Central America for a bit of re-energizing but in the big picture, her eyes are firmly on a future in broadcasting.

The prospect of facing off against the fabulous and the foul in studio interviews is a daunting task for Evie. She's confident she can foot it with most, but is more evasive on how she'd deal with the likes of Helen Clark: 'Helen has a habit of batting off questions like they were soggy dough. You'd better be well informed if you don't want to go limp and shapeless.'

And the Truth about the tunnels? 'The One Hundred Hours experience has taught me to value my two-door Barina and daylight. Flash cars aren't everything. But the contestants were very cool.' What, no new Mini Cooper? 'Sadly, no. But for my troubles I have an official crew pair of Hundie Undies branded with the Mental Challenge logo.' Stylie.

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