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Filthy Rich


Episode Twenty

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What happened in Episode Twenty? 

Savannah feels she is an architect of destruction.

Brady confronts Fisher's betrayal and realises he hated John.

Brady gathers support and Savannah is shocked to find John Jnr in the mix. She tells Vader why she hates John – and that she loves Vader.

Brady suspects Fisher's grievance, is to do with his father.

Savannah confronts Fisher and he is unrepentant, as he tries to kiss her. She is shocked, but he reminds her that she owes him. Cherry walks in
on this moment and is curious. Savannah warns her off.


Brady has found a link to Warren Brankovich and a house fire and smells a rat.

Cherry tells Vader about Fisher and Savannah and he thinks it's more unreasonable jealousy.

Brady has to eat humble pie with an old enemy: pray with Maria to get information. Maria reveals Warren and John were responsible for the death of a child in a house fire, but she doesn't know who blackmailed John.


Fisher calls Savannah wanting to meet, and Cherry realises they've again been in contact, and that he's told his wife he's away.

Vader is thrown to hear this and Cherry has had enough of not being believed. Does he love her more than Savannah? When Vader's answer is not enough, Cherry makes a decision. She goes to see Gillian to tell her the truth about Vader...


Joe is celebrating triumph as Annabelle reports shock news: John Jnr is engaged to Ariana. Joe remonstrates, but Ariana believes her love can save
John Jnr.

Joe tries to make peace with his siblings – buying TBH housing is honouring his mother's memory.

Annabelle tries to force Joe into commitment. But Lloyd is clear on his terms. One word from him and Joe will go under, and he still wants a grandson... Joe realises that he and Annabelle are yoked together, whether he likes it or not.


Vivian warns off Ariana: she is sure John Jnr won't go the distance.

John tries buys Ariana an engagement ring – but finds his credit is declined. Vivian has cut off his trust funds and Ariana feels bad. But John decides to fight back. He still has his mother's emails and now finds something extremely interesting.

He confronts Vivian with his discovery: Malia is still alive – Vivian bought her off. And Vivian is the one who put Joe in the bin...


Brady finds a hidden flash drive with a recording of Fisher - who mentions Savannah.

Vader confronts Savannah and she reveals that she met Fisher a year ago and he suggested he could get John to change his will.

Brady confronts Savannah, who defends her part in the conspiracy. Brady, angry, throws her out.

Savannah sees Snake; then meets Fisher. She tells him the truth is out, but he reveals she's an accessory to more than just blackmail, because he also killed John Snr.

As Savannah expects back up from Snake, Fisher takes drastic action – and throws Savannah off the building. She is left apparently very, very dead.