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Filthy Rich


Episode One

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What happened in Episode One?


Corporate hotshot, Brady Truebridge, is in sensitive negotiations over a new development, as her husband John Truebridge is meeting Chinese backers
for the deal. But now he falls to his death from a high-rise balcony. Brady is horrified to find that her husband has left shares in the company to three bastard offspring.

The three cuckoos are Savannah, a pole dancer, Garth, an unemployed coal miner, and Joe an upstanding community worker from South Auckland.

John's only legitimate son, John Jnr, wants to challenge the will, but Brady doesn't want trouble that might impact on company plans and promises to deal with it her way. John Jnr feels goaded.

Savannah's mother, Lorna, has always told her she was really a princess, but Joe is shocked to discover that he is adopted.

Garth sets out for Auckland with his best mate, Zac – but on the way they have an accident. With Garth on life support, Zac decides to go to Auckland anyway.

Joe is shocked to find that he was found as a baby abandoned in a rubbish bin and feels all the more resentful toward the Truebridges.

Lorna reminds Savannah that Brady is responsible for keeping them away from John Snr. Savannah meets a handsome man at the strip club. When he buys her out of an evening's work and seems to want nothing in return, she is charmed and goes to a hotel with him. But she has no idea that she is sleeping with her half brother, John Jnr.

Brady finds the Northland Development plans are in jeopardy when Alan Griever, the minister in charge clearly doesn't rate her and is distancing himself over the rumours about John's death.

Zac arrives for a meeting with Corban, the company lawyer, and when he's taken for Garth aka Vader - he doesn't explain his real identity. Corban has an offer for the cuckoos – to buy out their shares for 100 grand each. This seems like a fortune, but Savannah knows the company is worth way more than that, and Joe is smarting that the family didn't even want to meet them.

Brady is dismayed when the cuckoos reject her offer, and still feels that John must have been pressured to change his will. She begins to investigate what he was up to in the past few months, as Savannah's stepfather, Karl, wants to know how much more Savannah could get squeeze out of the Truebridges.

Vader promises Garth's mother, Gillian, that he will help them.

Brady checks John's appointments and finds nothing of interest, but among his things she finds a burnt doll, with the message "Remember Me".

Nancy, the John Snr's sister, is unable to offer any clues as the cuckoos come to meet the family. Savannah rejects the offer of $100k, but Joe just wants to know who is birth mother is.

But now we find Karl is scoping the house, as John Jnr arrives to join the party. Savannah is horrified to realise she’s slept with her half brother.