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Filthy Rich


Episode Nineteen

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What happened in Episode Nineteen?

John Jnr is at a low ebb after being gazumped by this mother. He is not impressed to get sympathy from a homeless guy, but has a moment of
revelation. He decides to change his life, and asks Ariana to marry him.

He also tips off Brady that she needs to watch the alliance between Joe and Vivian. Brady wants proof, so John sets about hacking his mother's e-mail.


Savannah tries to warn Vader about his jealous girlfriend and only gets in more hot water with Cherry. But she's insistent that if he isn't the best
boyfriend ever, Cherry could be trouble. Vader tries to prove his loyalty.


Brady soothes Kennedy, then prepares to battle Griever. Cherry is piqued to hear what he's done. When Griever arrives she assumes Brady will take
action. Brady gives him the recording in exchange for final sign off on the Northland casino. Alan also hints about boardroom treachery.

Cherry is so appalled that Brady has done a deal with Griever that she quits.


Joe is having serious second thoughts about his relationship with Annabelle. He takes satisfaction in letting John Jnr know that he is fired, but John warns
him that Joe has made a deal with the devil.

Joe takes his gift of love to Ariana – TBH Housing – and wants to resume their relationship. Ariana is appalled and it forces her to a decision.

Despite the differences between her and John, Ariana agrees to marry him. John is delighted to let Vivian know his good news: about both his engagement and closeness with Brady.


Brady is suspicious about shelf companies buying up shares, and wants to know who's behind it. Fisher claims to have been too busy to investigate.

John offers proof of Sir Douglas tipping off Vivian about shares. In return, he wants a job with the company. Brady also wants a favour from John, just as we find Patricia breaking into Alan Griever's apartment. Brady is clearly setting something up.

To everyone's shock Alan Griever is arrested.

Sam is amazed that Brady managed to pull this off, but annoyed that she doesn't trust anyone enough to share. Brady calls things off.

Brady is surprised to find that Kennedy is now in a relationship with Grace.


Savannah gets summoned to see an old friend. Roxy is back, having lost her share of the money, and looking for forgiveness. But she also informs
Savannah that everyone thinks she's responsible for getting Snake beaten up.

Savannah gets taken to see him, and he reveals this his attacker was Fisher. She confronts Fisher, who insists that he was looking out for her, as always.


Brady now forces Sir Douglas to resign and calls a meeting of the board. But Corban lets her know that a majority of shareholders has dissolved the board. She finds the majority shareholding is Lloyd, Vivian and Joe. But there's a further kicker as they appoint a new CEO – Fisher.