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Filthy Rich


Episode Nine

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What happened in Episode Nine?

Brady and Sam are freaking that Kennedy and Grace are missing - as Alan Griever has Kennedy in his car and they bond over Shakespeare.

Kennedy comes home safe, and reveals Grace's whereabouts – but not her own dangerous liaison.

The one upside of their fear for their daughters is that it brings Brady and Sam closer.

Kennedy stays in secret contact with Alan and receives gifts. She lies to Grace that her older beau is at university, unaware she is being groomed by a happy Alan Griever.


Savannah fears that Karl was behind the break in, and Brady thinks she knows of the ideal gang to exact revenge.

Savannah now finds that Brady's got the IRD onto Karl. He is sweating, particularly as his 'investor' Snake isn't about to be out of pocket and is invoking his own kind of penalty clause.

As a result, Karl goes to strong arm Savannah, but gets bounced by Brady.


Vader wants to resume his interrupted date with Cherry, but has a mission to protect Savannah.

She makes excuses to take a call from her mother, who desperately needs to see her. Savannah, worried, sneaks out.


Patricia raises the thought with Brady that the robbery was a decoy, to get access to Brady's computer, after she discovers the hard drive has been cloned.


Joe is upset after Nancy's revelations and tries to sleep with Ariana, but she rebuffs him, as he's drunk and angry.

Vivian is upset at Joe's attack, but denies any wrongdoing.

Feeling his life is a lie, Joe takes refuge with John Jnr, who gives him therapy in the form of drinking and bonding over hating their father.

John Jnr counsels an upset Ariana and promises support, as well as trying to flatter the pants off her.

John tells Joe he can stay for as long as he likes – and that they have a new joint mission, to take over the company.

And John bestows a lovely gift on his mother, the painting from the Truebridge mansion. John Jnr was the burglar and is definitely pulling strings.


Savannah finds her mother is fine, and cooking roast chicken – but Lorna now makes the direct appeal for money to help Karl out of the hole he's in with

Savannah finds that her actions have also impacted on Roxy. The girls are expected to attend a gang party at Snake's headquarters, and Roxy
is scared.

Savannah decides she has no choice, and borrows money from the bank to pay Karl - but she has conditions...

Vader and Savannah go to the club, where Karl dismisses the cleaner.

Vader is left outside as Savannah and Karl go into the back room. She has the money and trades for the knife that killed Trey, with her mother's fingerprints.

But now Karl suggests it's not the real knife – and derides Savannah's attempts to protect Lorna. She knew about the sexual abuse all along!

To make him stop, Savannah punches him – but she is still holding the knife. When he attacks, she stabs him again. As he staggers back, wounded, Vader walks in - horrified to see what Savannah has done.