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Filthy Rich


Episode Four

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What happened in Episode Four?

Brady asks private investigator Patricia to find out who sent the photos.

Patricia finds there had been a hidden camera in the home gym, and the most likely suspects seem to be Karl and John Jnr. Patricia doesn't see how Karl
could have got access to the office, or John Jnr. But she has established someone who was in the office - Vincent.

Brady plies him with false information to see where it leads. Vincent passes the top tip onto John Jnr – and as he leaves John Jnr's place, Patricia is watching.


Savannah gives her mother an ultimatum about going to rehab. If she doesn't do it, Savannah will walk away. Lorna finally agrees.

Savannah packs her mother's things without revealing her plans to Karl. Savannah won't let her mother call Karl - so instead, Lorna gives her a letter.

Savannah takes the letter, and promptly burns it, just as Karl discovers that Lorna has been discharged from hospital. 


At a family gathering to celebrate the will being out of probate, Brady drops Vader in it by revealing his plans to take the money.

Savannah is angry, and Vader reveals he wants the money to help a sick friend.

Vader goes South and confesses all that he's done, and his mixed feelings, to a comatose Garth. Then, despite misgivings, he goes and uplifts Garth's birth certificate.


Brady gets more incriminating photos with another threatening biblical quote. 

She also gets even more bad news. Corban has discovered that all family shareholders have to sign agreement in order for the company to be publicly
floated. Brady tries to contact them all.


Joe meets John Jnr, who has used his contacts to find the house where Joe's mother lived.

There, they meet a neighbour who remembers young Malia. She lived there alone, but was sometimes visited by a rich white woman.

John Jnr hopes they can find out more from whoever owned the house in those days.

He also takes Joe to meet his friends, the Rogue's club, including journalist, Poke – and warns Joe not to sign the share document.

Joe ends up joining in on a Rogue's Club prank, but when they spy a woman being threatened, Joe comes to her aid. Grateful, Toni joins them back at John Jnr's place.


Karl threatens Savannah, but she won't reveal Lorna's whereabouts.

Brady lets Vincent know she's onto him, but he denies any knowledge of the photos. Brady gives Vincent a job to get him out of town.

John Jnr finds Brady's tip is a ruse - and also gives Vincent short shift.

Joe wakes at John Jnr's house to find he's slept with Toni.

Vader returns to the hospital to find Garth has woken from his coma.

Brady realises the blackmailer might be within her home: Maria, her housekeeper. She checks her room and finds more incriminating photos – and a bible - which has a loving inscription from Brady's dead husband, John.

Brady feels betrayed and furious.