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About Feedback

This series is currently off air

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It's a genre-bending spectacular. A satirical newscast that is part skit-show, and part sitcom.

Each week, cameras take you behind the scenes to spy on a frantic, ratings obsessed current affairs show, where the Feedback team must deal with a caldron of ambition, deceit and sexual misadventure.

It's been a slippery slide of moral decline for high-profile news presenter Arthur Meek.

The former primetime media darling has seen his current affairs show relegated to late-night after his team were caught faking the news.

Shunted from 7pm to 10:30pm, the network has delivered Arthur an ultimatum: rate, in a new late-night slot, or die. 

With his back against the wall, Arthur vows to do whatever it takes to get back on primetime - so he and his crew make the most muck-raking, crowd-pleasing and inflammatory news possible.

Funny, smart and sexy, Feedback is tomorrow's news today. 

About the Cast

Arthur Meek plays Host Arthur Meek and is the series co-writer/creator

Natalie Medlock plays Reporter Natalie Medlock

Orlando Stewart plays Reporter Orlando Stewart

Ngapaki Emery plays Reporter Leanda Totes

John Ong plays Reporter John Ong

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