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Style Blog: Stolen Girlfriends Club

By TVNZ stylists Michiko Hylands and Clifton Piper

These kids always know how to put on a good show and without fail, there's always a bit of drama involved when attending a Stolen Girlfriends Club show.

Last year, that drama was when we were waiting in an insanely long queue in the pouring rain, very late at night after a hectic week. This was certainly "memorable" in a "drowned rat" kind of way.

This year involved more waiting around, this time teetering around in ridiculously high-heels on a steeply inclined pavement outside the Mercury theatre (i.e. in a wind tunnel) in the freezing cold for over an hour.

We were cursing that the show had better be good!

At least it was entertaining as we eavesdropped into the conversations the so-called "cool kids from Croat" were having with each other, chatting merrily away about their latest exploits and smoking up a storm (how 80's!)

Also, the not-so-cool kids of K' Road were also out in full-force last night. It must have been "clown night" as many people were running past us dressed in either clown outfits, pyjamas or dressed up as Friesian milk cows!

It's amazing what copious amounts of alcohol and drugs can do to the young ones these days!

The general quirky shenanigans of our environment helped create the general tone of the evening for us.

Just as we were about to collapse from hypothermia and wishing someone would walk past and offer us a jam-jar of moonshine (the fave drink to be had at all Stolen Girlfriends Club shows) we were finally ushered in and the show started, yippee!

Stolen Girlfriends Club is a label founded in 2005 by Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. They truly are the hip, "it" kids of the fashion world here in NZ.

The AW 2010 collection titled "Last Night's Party' showed us why the label is gaining cult status all over the world.

There were lots of references that harked back to the days of Seattle grunge in the early 90's mixed in with the sweet little shorts and soft knits.

The show was 100% rip snorting fun and the audience was going just bananas for it!

What we saw:

There were cute little mini cape dresses and lots of (fake?) fur coats worn over either extremely short or maxi dresses. Fitted shirts tucked into teeny tiny shorts looked preppy and fresh.

A recurrent theme with SGC was the little Lord Fauntleroy look which was back in full vengeance seen in both the mens and women wear.

The lads looked very rockabilly in oversized floral jackets and clam-digger pants.

Our favourite part of the show was at the end when there was a marriage scene with a SCG bride and groom (featuring our favourite model Vinnie, God, he's cute!)

It was very sweet and yet still so rock and roll!

It was worth the long, long wait in the cold after all and we can't wait for next year's show!


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