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Style blog: Huffer

By TVNZ stylists Michiko Hylands and Clifton Piper

Just was we were wishing for the weekend, before we knew it, it was Friday!

We suddenly started to lament all the moans and groans that we had uttered all week, namely: "God, I'm soooo tired, I'm starting to feel insane!" or the familiar "My feet are soooo sore, I think they're bleeding!" and the repetitive  "Oh $!#%, where's my lanyard/phone/keys/camera?"

Fashion Week was nearly over again for another whole year, boo hoo!

It's been so much fun and we can't wait until next year... anyway back to the Huffer show.

The show was held at the Owen Glenn Building at Auckland University and it was wisely advised to dress in winter woollies. Rightly so, the show was outside and it was freezing!

The Huffer crew had created a long catwalk around a large square of grass in which models strutted on wearing clothes from their autumn/winter 2011 collection, entitled "Into the Unknown".

It looked pretty spectacular.

Of course, all the glitterati were there. We were basically seated right beside Dan Carter and Ali Williams in the front row - exciting, huh?

US fashion stylist/guru Derek Warburton wowed us again with another twisted get-up. This time the outrageous fashionista was posing up a storm in a giant cape that the Queen could have worn during her coronation. Derek also had black flowers in his hair, Frida Kahlo style. Beneath the cape, his top half was exposed - he must have been so cold but hey, fashion can sometimes be painful!

The show started with two weird and woolly Cro-Magnon looking men wearing very low-cut loincloths and white body paint. The redhead of the pair wore his pants so low orange fuzz was unfortunately on show for all to see. Nice one!

The rest of the models were a tad more normal. What we saw were designs the Huffer team excel at: cool pieces made for the street, including army jackets for the lads and sweet little dresses for the girls. There was a lot a lot of knitwear for men and women, from tight form-fitting dresses to cardigans.

It was a good show to end a great day of fashion and we were glad we braved the freezing conditions.

Watch highlights from the Huffer show here.


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