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NZ Fashion Week: Stolen Girlfriends Club

If Marc Moore stole someone's girlfriend, he's not fessing up to it.

The designers of Auckland's Stolen Girlfriends Club recycled the name of one of their first art exhibitions for their new clothing range. It's mysterious, it's intriguing and it certainly got us talking.

"We loved the mystery of it, and how people could interpret the name in their own way," designer Marc Moore said. "We had started to think about the idea of having our own label, especially as we couldn't seem to find anything we wanted to wear. So we started a label and called it Stolen Girlfriends Club."

Sounds simple, though it would be juicier if Moore had cut another designer's lunch.

Stolen Girlfriend's Club is used to pushing buttons in the New Zealand Fashion Industry. Designers Zara Mirkin and Marc Moore aren't "fashion design purists". They don't even call themselves designers.

"I would say that a lot of designers would think we're cowboys," Marc said.  "We've had no formal training, so we're completely self taught in everything we do. We've never claimed to be 'designers' in the true sense though. We have ideas, and we love making things. Is it art? Does it change the world? I don't know, probably not. 

"But it could make someone happy and that's key. There's so much doom and gloom in the world right now, so I think it's our job to keep things a little light."

(Perhaps that explains the Stolen Girlfriends Club profile on their myspace page, which will have readers believe the designer is a 101-year-old Scorpion musician, film maker and designer....)

Moore seems to be taking his own advice quite literally. The new range veers away from the traditionally dark tones of New Zealand fashion. Moore's favourite piece in the new collection is "overdyed leopard print shirting for men." 

"It sounds tacky I know!  It's a real tailored, slim cut shirt with self fabric ruffles... I like that we have moved away from a total black collection.  It's too easy to just make a full collection in black.  I know we get away with it being New Zealand designers.  But it's almost reason to move away from black, shake the stereotype."

I asked Moore who he would like to see wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club, and expected him to reply with a list of well-heeled celebs. Instead he said,

"One of the biggest thrills is to see someone you don't know wearing your stuff. To think that a person has gone into a store, loved a pice of your collection, bought it and then worn it with pride is a huge rush. Perhaps it could be similar for an artist to their creation hanging on someones wall."

Perhaps. After the upcoming New Zealand Fashion Week, there's a good chance Moore will see more of his designs on Kiwi backs.

In the meantime, Moore has the usual suspects on his Fashion Week must-see list: NOM*D, Zambesi, Huffer and Jaeha.

"The truth is, we're gonna be busy all week doing our own sh*t so we'll prob miss out on a lot of shows this year."

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