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Tuesday September 22

Yet again, it was a whirlwind morning for our Style Blog, as day two of ANZFW coincided with a huge ONE News publicity photo shoot that featured just about all of our beloved TVNZ people.

Once the shoot was wrapped, with seconds to spare, we raced down to the ANZFW HQ by Auckland's viaduct.  We'd spent the morning concerned about how everyone else was going to look so hadn't even had one moment to consider what we'd be wearing!

It's very important to look uber-cool on the first day of fashion week and then as the week slides by, one tends to relax a bit more.  Of course, trying too hard is a horrendously bad look, so the key is to be super confident in your look and own it 100%.

No-one likes a wannabe who will never be, it's nasty and catty but hey darlings, that's fashion week!

As the Kiwi fashionistas emerged from out of the woodwork to congregate together, the sneaky, stolen sideways glances also emerged.  It seemed everyone was sussing out each others looks giving them an instant "yeah" or "nay" rating. Checking out what everyone is wearing can be just as entertaining as the shows - whether you're laughing at their bedraggled look or you're glancing over in envy. It can work both ways!

The day began with the highly anticipated Cybele show. Cybele is well-known for her love of beautiful printed silks and interesting drapery in her well thought-out and immaculately executed collections.

Cybele's A/W 2010 collection  didn't fail to deliver and Style Blog saw some beautiful must-have pieces we will definitely save up for next season.

The recurring theme through the collection was Victorian.  The look was feminine and highly dramatic with prim and proper dresses and coats featuring big ruffles and frills at the neck.

The first look down the runway was a beautiful gothic looking black chiffon caped number that Stevie Nicks would have been proud of - in a good way!

Cybele has consistently used a theme of flowers and insects in her work over the years. This was highlighted in the A/W 2010 collection with fabrics printed with moth wings and animal inspired print motifs as well as some skirt panels resembling insect wings.

Beautiful sleeves and capes, with medieaval slits cut out for arms in charcoals and black were also apparent. Soft, easy to wear tunics also featured.

The colour palette was very natural with soft apricot tones, nudes, khaki olives, mustards, rusts and powdery soft blues.

The hair and make-up look seen at Cybele was full-on. There were insane amounts of fuchsia pink blush sculpted right up to the hairline with centre-parted hair detailed with gelled pre-Raphaelite curls. A fantastic look on the catwalk but not for the faint hearted on the streets of Auckland!
Check out the show

Twentysevenames and Juliette Hogan

What more can we say other than we absolutely loved the combined Juliette Hogan and Twentysevennames show and we can't wait to order the lot!

The colour palette for both collections consisted of a great deal of white and cream, nudes, apricots and of course black pieces.

Both had a romantic 1960's feel about them with pieces that Jane Birkin or Francoise Hardy would easily have worn back in the day.  Sweet laces and softly draped tops with bows and wonderful, swinging capes in an amazing apricot, lit up the runway.

Style Blog also LOVED the hair and make-up by MAC.  

Check out the Juliette Hogan and Twentysevennames shows

Monday September 21  - Moet & Chandon opening evening
Fashion week kicked off with a bang! Actually it was more a happy popping of champagne bottles, which was music to our ears after an extremely busy day.

Moet & Chandon hosted an extravagant VIP only fashion event celebrating the grand opening of ANZFW. The stars were out in full glory, dressed to the nines.

The popping of the cork was eventually done by none other than NZ's favourite sporting hero Dan Carter, there was not a tighty whitey in sight, rather he was decked out in a fabulous grey suit that hugged in all the right places.

As we all quaffed back the delicious Moet & Chandon champagne and feasted on the seemingly unending trays of canapés, we reflected on what it has taken for us to get to this point.

As the country's top fashion designers rubbed shoulders with local celebs and politicians, there wasn't a bitchy comment to be heard. Then again this was only the first day of fashion week. 'Mwah' still has ample time to become 'meow' - stay tuned. 

Check out the pics courtesy of 

Monday September 21
Naturally the plans for a restful start to the biggest week in fashion were turned completely upside down.  Instead of a Monday morning 8am wake-up after a relaxing weekend, we were up at 5am in order to head down to Wellington for a guest appearance on the Good Morning programme.

It was a fly-by-night visit to the windy capital, spending a mere two hours on the ground - just long enough, as far as we were concerned as we were champing at the bit to get back to the excitement of ANZFW.  

It was our first visit to Avalon Studios and we were stunned by the amount of space they have down there.  It was like being on a Hollywood backlot in the 1950's. What it lacks in mod cons it certainly makes up for in sheer size.  IT'S HUGE! 

In true Miss Piggy and Kermie style, we had our own dressing rooms and we made sure to include our names by scribbling them in chalk on the door, 1950's style and all that.

Just as we were trying to gather our thoughts in the interrogation room also known as 'make-up', we were thrust onto the set in front of a huge studio audience.  Talk about flying by the seat of your pants television, it turned out to be very exciting!

Steve Gray managed to calm our nerves in the few minutes before we went live and once the camera's were turned on we babbled away, as per. Then after a quick hair and make-up demo on a model it was time to skedaddle, racing against the clock to make it back to the airport in time to catch our flight.

As one would imagine when faced with early morning flights and guest appearances on national television, high drama ensued with terrible traffic and the thought of a missed flight.  After abusing the poor women at Pacific Blue we realised we were actually flying Air NZ.  DAH!

With Michiko in stilettos as high as a tower, we sprinted to the furthest gate at Wellington airport only to find out that we were EARLY!  Drama!

Check out the Good Morning interivew here


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