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Exclusive Interview: Wendy Petrie

We asked TVNZ's own style icon Wendy Petrie for style tips and her take on New Zealand fashion. What does New Zealand fashion mean to you?

Wendy: New Zealand fashion is world class and I'm proud to say my on-air jackets are made by Kiwi designers. Who's your favourite designer? 

Wendy: Workshop and Helen Cherry, Claire Kingan Jones, Yvonne Bennetti Do you prefer dressing smartly or casually?

Wendy: It's nice to have the opportunity to do both. Go casual on weekends then dress up a tad during the week. If there's a special event my lovely stylists Michiko and Clifton even source a frock for me! I'm pretty lucky. What's your best make-up trick? 

Wendy: Lip gloss and a bit of face tint in your mosituriser. What's the worst item of clothing you've ever purchased? 

Wendy: Shoes that look so good but hurt so much. Are you a designer shopper or do you mix and match with op shops? 

Wendy: No, I'm useless and definitely need guidance from fashion savvy shop assistants. How often do you go shopping? 

Wendy: I try not to go out too often but I do enjoy it! What three elements bring an outfit alive? 

Wendy: Piece of jewellery, shoes or bag. What colours do you prefer to wear? 

Wendy: I like to mix it up and don't have any favourite shade. Perhaps coral for spring? Who's the most stylish man in the public eye?
Wendy: Oooh I always think Brad Pitt looks handsome. Who's the most stylish woman in the public eye?
Wendy: Kate Winslet always looks gorgeous and glamorous. J Lo too. Do you get a say in the clothes you're dressed in before you start filming? 

Wendy: Yes if you don't feel good in something it will come across. What for you finishes off an outfit perfectly? 

Wendy: Perhaps a belt or bag. Finding the time though for finishing touches can be tough though with kiddies.


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