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Exclusive interview: Teresa Brady

Looking more like a Grecian goddess than a fashion designer, Teresa Brady and her Art Deco clothing collection is now in its seventh season and showing at Air New Zealand Fashion Week this week.

With a resounding applause after her show yesterday, we caught up with Teresa to find out what rocks her boat when it comes to fashion and all that goes with it.  Where does your retro/Art Deco originate from?

Teresa:  When I thought about Sable & Minx I thought about family history. My hero was my grandmother who used to make ball gowns.  I remember going through my grandmothers wardrobe and it being full of beautiful ball gowns. 

I love it that we used to make everything.  My grandmother wanted to be a seamstress and design but she couldn't as she had a family. 

So when I thought about it, I wanted to reference here a little bit for this reason.  She also lived in Napier and her father was the Mayor of Napier so I always think about Napier as part of our family history and it is of course, also an Art Deco city and I just love that.

Also, when I was in Paris, I came across a beautiful book called Art Deco Book Bindings and it was a collection of Art Deco with gold and included scenes of Paris.  I used some of the graphics and images for the story of this collection.  My collection is Art Deco-esque yes, but it's still classic, wearable, elegant and timeless.  What advice would you offer others embarking on a fashion career?

Teresa:  I think I've learnt that you have to be strong, reliable, a hard worker and consistent.  You need to deliver everything you say you're going to do and on time.  You need to be strong and true to yourself and your vision and how you treat people as well.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I try and make sure everything works together.  Every side of it has to be done thoroughly and properly.  You have to be business minded and creative too.  What do you make to the growth in the New Zealand fashion industry? 

Teresa:  We do have a distinctive difference and we do have something interesting to offer but I think we do have a lot of in-roads to go still.  Logistically, just getting ranges across the world is difficult as we're so far away.  What items are necessary in a woman's wardrobe to transform an outfit?

Teresa:  If it's day wear, you've got to have a great pair of classic jeans.  Our jeans have got Art Deco embossing on them at the back.  I hope that my jeans are 'that pair' of comfortable classic jeans!

At the moment I love scarves so learning how to use a scarf would pay off.  The third item would be our Aerial top which is a reversible top you can use in about 20 different ways.  We keep coming up with new ways to wear it and transform an outfit.  It's fab.  Describe your brand.

Teresa:  Classic, romantic and beautiful. What is fashion to you?

Teresa:  It's a joy, it is fun, exciting and creative. Who would you love to wear your clothes?

Teresa:  The Bond actress Eva Green.  She's stunning.

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