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Famous, Rich and Homeless


About the show

This series is currently off-air.

The five celebrities featured in the series are: Former tennis star Annabel Croft; Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones; Journalist and writer Rosie Boycott; TV personality and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli and the Marquis of Blandford.

Most of us think homelessness is something that happens to other people, but as a consequence of the credit crunch, homeless charities like Shelter and Crisis in the UK, are predicting an acute rise. Suddenly, losing a home is becoming a very real prospect for many more people.

To bring this daunting fact to the wider publics attention, this series sends five well known celebrities to experience homelessness firsthand on the streets of London in the middle of winter.
Its a city they are all familiar with, but that they see only from the point of view of the privileged.

Now theyre going to experience a whole new level of engagement.

What will they learn by sleeping rough for 10 days and 10 nights? Moreover, what will it teach us about the realities of homeless life?

Overseen throughout by two experts in homelessness, each celebrity is stripped of their cash and possessions and dropped off in a different part of the city. With no money, and hunger growing, they must decide how to eat. Do they lose their dignity and beg? Or dip in bins for discarded food? Where will they sleep? And how will the public react to these five familiar people, usually seen on their television screens?

In episode two, the celebrities are paired up with a buddy; a homeless person who helps steer them through the labyrinth of services available to rough sleepers. Shelters and day centres offer blessed relief from exhaustion, cold and hunger, but the celebrities will have to navigate their way onto this next rung of the homelessness ladder.

Finally, in the last part of their journey, the celebrities live and work alongside the hidden homeless in temporary accommodation. Whether its succumbing to begging, borrowing just to survive, or getting a better understanding about why people end up in this seemingly hopeless situation, this powerful series cannot help but challenge the celebrities and viewers preconceptions of homelessness.