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Fair Go: Wednesday October 24

Published: 8:21PM Wednesday October 24, 2012 Source: Fair Go

Fair Go shouts back at shouting TV ads
: Libby Middlebrook
Televisions are awash with shouting ads - the type of commercial that sends you running from the room or reaching for your mute button.
Tonight, we take a look at why they're so popular with companies hoping to make a buck, such as Big Save Furniture and Discount Tyres.
We talk to a hearing scientist, about why they cause us so much irritation - and investigate some upcoming changes in broadcasting guidelines.
Advances in technology have allowed for new standards to be adopted, which will essentially tone down seemingly noisy ads.
TVNZ's led the charge - and the changes will take place from January.

School Ad Awards
: Phil Vine
This year the school ad awards boasts two new judges. Suzy Cato and Kayne Peters from Kidzone. They've presided over a mountain of DVD's. Among them talking hamsters, exploding pineapples and a zombie apocalypse.

The Primary/Intermediate section had to sell us a colour.
The winners: Ponsonby Intermediate who sold us green with an action packed Ninja fight. Second place went to Riverhead School with a touching claymation presentation and Firth School is highly commended.

Secondary Schools were asked to design an add to keep Kiwis from fleeing overseas.
The winners: Putaruru College with a hilarious "beached as" style cartoon. Second came Newlands College advertising NZ as the only country with a zombie apocalypse plan. Who knew?  Wellington East Girls' College is highly commended.

Thanks to Canon and The Music Warehouse for some great prizes.

New Zealand's Got the Voice Talent
- Hannah Wallis
One thing we've discovered doing the Fair Go Ad Awards all these years is that the best and worst ad often features a very specific voice, a stand-out voice. We decided the Awards show itself should feature a new and different voice artist  and with the help of three top professionals  - actor, voice-over artist and voice coach Theresa Healey, veteran broadcaster Tom Bradley and advertising hot shot Peter Vegas - we held our own talent quest for a new vocal talent to feature in the Fair Go Ad Awards. We put the nervous contestants through their paces - found some great characters and interesting voices - and found two different kinds of winners, including a magic moment with a man with a stutter.

Break My Stride - behind the scenes
: Ali Mau
It's been voted a finalist in both Best and Worst Ad categories this year, which proves State Insurance's "Break My Stride" ad is nothing if not memorable. The director's vision of a world of disaster on a quiet suburban street, is intended to convey the feeling that no matter what happens, you can have confidence if you're covered with this insurance company.

We look behind the scenes at what it took - to put one of the longest single shot ads in New Zealand history together - -a team of builders and stuntmen, numerous explosions, a truck crash and 190 chickens for starters - and we talk to two of the ad's stars about their experiences on the shoot.

Best and Worst ads - the winners revealed
Best ad finalists
DB Export Dry "The Wine Is Over"
Instant Kiwi "Alibi"
Mastercard "Check In"
State Insurance "Break My Stride"
Worse ad finalists
Cigna "Funeral Plan"
Lumino the Dentists "Love Your Smile"
Mastercard "Check In"
State Insurance "Break My Stride
And the winners are&.

Worst: Lumino "Love Your Smile"
Best: Mastercard "Check In"

Congratulations and commiserations to both!

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