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Fair Go: Wednesday March 13

Published: 4:19PM Wednesday March 13, 2013 Source: Fair Go

PODCAST: When cattle class turns into cuddle class can you still snuggle?

Air New Zealand made headlines internationally when it launched the Skycouch. Not a lie down bed, say our national carrier, but three economy class seats where the armrests disappear and the footrests pop up to give you an experience that rivals your couch at home. Sounded perfect to the Bertram Family of Auckland. They were off to Europe on the trip of a lifetime. Dad, Paul got the skycouch measurements off the Air New Zealand website, marked them off on the lounge floor and thought it would help lighten the load of a long haul flight and jetlag. He parted with $4000 and the family headed off into the wild blue yonder. So why wasn't it a happy landing and does Air New Zealand's advertising tell the full story of the skycouch experience?

REPORTER: Amy Kelley
PODCAST: After a torrent of viewer feedback about Pascoes decision not to refund a Whitianga couple's gold chain.. has the company had a change of heart?

We were flooded with feedback on last week's story about Keith & Anne Finch, and the $4899 chain they believed they were buying for just $489.

The couple say the saleswoman only quoted the first three figures of the price; something Pascoes strongly disputes.

Many viewers felt even though the company wasn't legally obliged to give a refund, it was still "the right thing" to do... and made their feelings known on Pascoes' Facebook page.

This week the plot thickens as we hear another customer's spookily similar tale and find out if the jeweller's had a change of heart.

PODCAST: Getting bigger water bills than you think you should - we show you how to read your meter to find leaks, and how to save water.

The drought's got us thinking about water use .. and water bills. If you think you are using too much water for the size of your household, or would just like to save water and money, we show you how - from reading your meter to determine if you have a leak, to finding leaks yourself before you call in the plumber, to water saving tips. And - how a specialist acoustic leak detection device can save you time and money when you do have an underground leak.

And check out our web-only interview with Water Care's Trish Langridge on waste water charges, how estimated readings work, how to get a leak rebate, and more.

PODCAST: A frustrated customer of Landscaper Guy Silcock takes matters into his own hands.

Landscaper Guy Silcock appeared on Fair Go a couple of weeks ago, after taking money for landscaping jobs but failing to complete the work.

A new client - struggling to get Silcock to progress a landscaping job - saw our story and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He used his car to block Guy's vehicle in, demanding his money back.

Guy phoned police, and the customer phoned Fair Go. Silcock claimed the job was progressing and was largely on schedule. He's promised to make a partial refund.

PODCAST: A story about problems with erectile dysfunction, and the company that was supposed to help.

The couple in our story tonight were brave enough to seek help, when they started experiencing problems in the bedroom.

Tom, not his real name, got in touch with the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) from Australia, and paid $3500 for a two-year treatment plan.

But after receiving the first lot of medication, he had trouble getting hold of anyone from the company.

Fair Go got in touch with AMI, and it agreed to refund the couple in full.

AMI claimed the couple was difficult to get hold of, but admitted staff should have communicated better.

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