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Fair Go: November 3

Published: 3:24PM Monday November 03, 2014 Source: Fair Go

  • Fair Go (Source: Fair Go)
    Fair Go - Source: Fair Go

Retrofit Home loan
Reporter Hannah Wallis

Auckland couple Kev and Laura got caught out when they bought a house with a " hidden" $3000 debt attached - an Auckland Council Retrofit loan, taken out by the previous house owners, not paid off before they on-sold, and not revealed to the new owners.

When will the Tailor family get to move out of the basement?
Reporter: Mark Crysell

Remember how the Tailor family of West Auckland were forced to live in the basement for months after their renovator, Ambient Interiors failed to finish the job - tonight we find out how the Fair Go community rallied to help.    

When your dream home turns into a nightmare...
Reporter: Brodie Kane

A Christchurch couple get the fright of their lives when they get slapped with a $60,000 bill for the foundation and excavation of their new home. Why weren't they informed from the beginning of this massive cost?

What happens when your dog goes missing from a boarding kennel?
Reporter: Pippa Wetzell

Cara Thomas and her family entrusted the care of their beloved pup, Jazzi to a local boarding kennel but Jazzi escaped.  Cara wants to know why did it take so long for the kennel to let her know?

If you've seen Jazzi, a five year old black and white american staffordshire cross, please contact owner Cara through her facebook page or let us know

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