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Fair Go: May 8

Published: 4:35PM Wednesday May 08, 2013 Source: Fair Go


Reporter: Mark Crysell

Podcast: This year one phone and internet company has made a big splash in our inbox - and not in a good way!

Barbara Bird was offered a flash new deal for her phone and internet service.  The same service as her previous provider for a lot less money.  Orcon agreed she could keep her old number so Barbara went ahead and signed up - verbally over the phone and was officially switched.  This is when the trouble began, her phone was then cut off with no contact at all from Orcon.  After more than 20 phone calls and 4 weeks without her phone she went back to Telecom. Thinking the saga was over she then received a bill for $186.24 from Orcon for services she'd used.   Orcon say Mrs Bird's circumstances was very unfortunate and one that we are both embarrassed and apologetic about the service or lack thereof.  They say there was clearly a mistake on their part in the automated porting system where something didn't quite work right and they have reversed the bill she received in the mail.




PODCAST: Complaints pour in about Vodafone service failures

 Last week we ran a story about Vodafone's service in Wanaka. Customers there complained about failed calls, dropped texts and poor internet connection, whenever large numbers of visitors come to town. Vodafone apologised to it's customers, saying the network had experienced overloading. Upgrades are planned in the area in July.

That story prompted dozens of Vodafone customers to get in touch with Fair Go, complaining about service failures in their local area.

Vodafone said it was sorry to hear some other customers were unhappy. It said most of the time, customers had a great experience on the Vodafone network.

From time to time, during really busy periods, the network (like any other) could get congested.



Reporter: Amy Kelley

Podcast: Some private landlords are charging letting fees they're not entitled to.

Getting into a rental home is tough - and expensive - enough without having landlords charge tenants fees they're not entitled to.

Fair Go went undercover and discovered that's exactly what a small percentage of homeowners is up to.

Only real estate agents or property managers acting for a landlord are allowed to charge a letting fee to cover the cost of their services - usually equivalent to one week's rent plus GST.

But some homeowners who are privately managing their own properties are doing it too.

Troy Churton from the Government's Building & Housing group says this is a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act and could see a landlord fined up to $1000.

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