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Fair Go: May 29

Published: 3:47PM Wednesday May 29, 2013 Source: Fair Go

New House Insurance

Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Your insurance company used to tell you how much insurance cover you needed in the event you needed to replace your house. Now you have to work it out yourself. Getting it wrong could be costly. Under value a rebuild and you could end up with a fraction of the house you have now. Overvalue and your premiums could skyrocket with no benefit to you if it comes to the crunch.

We put the insurance companies online calculators to the test. How well do our two homeowners do working out the cost of a house rebuild versus a professional  quantity surveyor. 


Reporter Mark Crysell

Rangi Ehu is the head of the navy's elite Dive Squad. He grew up poor and always dreamed of owning a brand new car. Last year his dream came true and he bought a 2012 Ford Ranger from North Harbour Ford. Sadly he's had nothing but trouble. Six times it's been back in the workshop he says,  the last time to have the gear box replaced after it blew on the Napier/Taupo road. Ford North Harbour say they're gone beyond the obligations of the warranty of the car and fixed it up quickly each time but Rangi's had enough - he wants his money back or a new car. What can he do?

Website Vouchers

Reporter Pippa Wetzell

Those Daily Deal website vouchers are becoming incredibly popular and there's a lot of bargains to be had but what if you just can't redeem one.  We meet Gary Sutton who bought three vouchers off GrabOne for a two for one dining experiece.  He was planning on taking friends to dinner but after making several attempts to book he was told there were no more dinner bookings available.  The restaurant offered him lunch but as far as he was concerned he'd bought a voucher for dinner.  The restaurant says the voucher was subject to availability.  For the first time on Fair Go we talk to one of the deal websites and find out what you need to do if you ever find yourself in the same situation.

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