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Fair Go: June 25

Published: 4:43PM Wednesday June 25, 2014 Source: Fair Go

  • Fair Go presenters Gordon Harcourt, Pippa Wetzell.

De-mystifying mince

What are we actually eating?

Beef mince is a hugely popular form of meat, accounting for a third of all beef sales in New Zealand. It's tasty, versatile, and best of all, cheap.

But unlike when we purchase a piece of steak, it's harder to know exactly what we're getting with mince.

Tonight Fair Go goes behind the scenes to find out what's in it, tests mince samples to find out if butchers are abiding by fat guidelines, and reveals whose mince contains an illegal preservative.

Reporter: Amy Kelley

Specs Claim

Diana lost her specs but found a great "two pairs for the price of one" deal, then claimed on her insurance and was first paid out, then asked to pay it back. Fair Go finds out why, and what the insurance term "betterment" means when you make a claim.

Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Communication Breakdown

Thelma wanted a conservatory but getting a glass house sometimes means having to throw stones.

79-year-old Thelma Dayberg had always dreamt of having a conservatory on her deck so she could bask in the warm sun all year round. She chose a company, paid $10 thousand deposit and nothing happened or so she thought.

A story about a communication breakdown and how Fair Go patched it up.

Reporter: Mark Crysell