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Fair Go: June 24

Published: 5:33PM Wednesday June 24, 2015 Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Brodie Kane

We meet some Wellingtonians who gave roofer Bruce Robinson money to carry out a job - and, in one case, the job was done to a poor standard. In the other case, the job wasn't done at all.

Protecting your coin!
Reporter: Brodie Kane

Some tips from Brodie as to what to look out for before taking someone on for a job at your house.

Blackfort Fiasco
Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

$9 million apparently gone in foreign exchange get-rich scheme. Fair Go confronts forex dealer days before scheme implodes into receivership and investigation

Cats- 22
Reporter Hannah Wallis

Can this lady who fosters cats from the SPCA claim insurance for gradual damage caused by some "accidents" by the cute cats in her care?

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