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Fair Go: June 15

Published: 5:20PM Wednesday June 15, 2011 Source: Fair Go

Charming, brilliant, cultured, and "evil"

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

The 71 year-old fraudster, the vulnerable women and their millions

Leicester Monk really doesn't look like a man capable of taking millions from vulnerable women. He's charming, cultured, silver haired 71-year-old who is studying law. He's also a convicted fraudster and former bankrupt.

Di Sinclair met him by chance and was charmed immediately. However, $140,000 later the charm has worn off. She's angry, and she wants to expose Leicester Monk.

That's why she's given an interview to Fair Go.

- how did he get the money?

- why did she keep giving?

- how many victims are there?

- why did a police investigation, with complaints totalling more than $2 million, end up going nowhere?

Watch tonight to hear her story, and to see Leicester Monk confronted.


Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Podcast: Fair Go finds out if supermarket coupons selling acres on the Moon for $27 a pop are for real?

Several eagle eyed viewers sent us supermarket coupons offering "$20 plus post and packaging for your own acre on the moon. A great gift for someone with everything."

Fair Go visited Stardome to find out what they'd recommend as Moon real estate.

Astronomy educator David Britten said he'd go for the Rutherford Crater (named after Kiwi scientist Ernest Rutherford) on the far side on the Moon.

He wouldn't pick the near side of the moon where the Apollo astronauts landed because he said, it's a heritage site. Can you buy a slice of the moon? No, says the United Nations, which has quite a bit of clout.

They say the Moon cannot be claimed and is the "province of all mankind". The surface and subsurface of the Moon cannot be owned by any state, organisation or person.

The lunar acres are sold here by the Lunar Embassy. Their agent agrees with us that what people are actually buying is a claim on a piece of land, which is then registered with the Lunar Embassy. They are not buying the title to the land or any kind of guaranteed legal ownership. It's a novelty gift item and that's all it is.

We reckon that's not clear on the redeem dot co website. They've promised to fix that - and to change the vouchers.


Reporter: Ruwani Perera

Podcast: If you're poised to get tickets in the next public release of Rugby World Cup tickets on July 4 then be careful what you book. You may not be sitting where you thought you were.

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