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Fair Go: June 11

Published: 9:57AM Monday June 09, 2014 Source: Fair Go

  • Pippa Wetzell and Gordon Harcourt on Fair Go. (Source: Fair Go)
    Pippa Wetzell and Gordon Harcourt on Fair Go. - Source: Fair Go

The importance of strong passwords

Are your passwords strong enough?

These days it seems like there is a password, pin number or code for everything  - it's hard to remember them all and it's tempting to use simple passwords. But don't. Theresa van der Wee lost six grand when she was tricked out of her pin number by the thieves who stole her wallet. Terry Bothma from Geeks on Wheels gives some great tips about how to come up with strong passwords that will be difficult to crack and easily remembered by you And test your password at


Where's my money?

What happens to the money when the prezzy stops giving?

Every year we spend over 550 million dollars on gift cards and vouchers.

and every year, about 38 million of that is lost by consumers who let their cards and vouchers expire. But there's at least one consumer out there who doesn't think it's fair for the money to expire along with the gift cards and vouchers.

Is it okay to be charged for a quote and how can you make sure the quotes you get have everything you need?

Whether you're building a house, getting married, or upgrading a business - it's good sense to get some quotes before you hand over any money.  So what's the best way to ensure you're getting everything you need... and what about getting charged for a quote, can companies do that?

For some good information take a look at this page from Consumer Affairs



A guide to keeping your data use in check. Follow our 10-point checklist here

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