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Fair Go: June 10

Published: 4:55PM Wednesday June 10, 2015 Source: Fair Go

Flatting fiasco

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

Is the landlord really the landlord?

Sam O'Connor of Trunk Property sub-letting without landlord's knowledge and/or consent.

Bonus Bonds Going Unchecked

Reporter Hannah Wallis

About 900,000 Bonus Bonds holders don't regularly check their bonds - they may have won minor prizes but don't know it. Check bonds online at Bonus Bonds .

Courier company bosses respond

Reporter Brodie Kane

We put your feedback about courier companies to their bosses.

Find the fritter

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Financial personal trainer rolls her sleeves up and finds the fritter in our East Otago couple, Rachel Sloan and Ritchie Olsen. But how long will it take before they're mortgage free?

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