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Fair Go: July 2

Published: 3:42PM Monday June 30, 2014


When non-stick gets stuck

Reporter: Mark Crysell

Stonedine pans are heavily promoted as a breakthrough in cooking - non stick and without the dangerous toxins that can leach into food from other non-stick surfaces. Dick and Babbie Joyce from Nelson bought two for Christmas and say they worked beautifully for 30 days and then everything stuck. So how good are they? We took three to Masterchef judge Simon Gault for testing. The results may suprise you.


"Brand new" and four years old

Reporter: Gordon Harcourt

How can something be "brand new" and four years old - or more - at the same time?

A judge says a caravan can be described as "brand new" even though it was at least four years old when sold.  But was it even older than four years? The judge asked for evidence.  The company that sold it won't front up.



What's happening to Ethan's chips?

Reporter: Pippa Wetzell

We don't often get complaints from 12 year olds so we thought we better go out of our way to sort out Ethan Griffiths' problem.  Ethan, you see, is a big salt and vinegar fan, his favourite chips are ETA thin cuts but he's been disappointed recently to find his chips tasting more like ready salted!  We take Ethan to the Eta factory for some answers.



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