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Gordon Harcourt

Published: 12:32PM Monday February 11, 2008

  • Fair Go co-host Gordon Harcourt (Source: Fair Go)
    Fair Go co-host Gordon Harcourt - Source: Fair Go

Gordon Harcourt first worked on Fair Go 12 years ago and, like so many Kiwis, just can't escape the pull of the iconic consumer affairs show.

He returned to New Zealand at the start of 2008 after six years in London working for the BBC and filing reports for several New Zealand media outlets.

Gordon describes the essential element of a Fair Go story as "obvious unfairness" and says that the secret of the shows enduring success is that "unfortunately, bad stuff keeps happening, and Fair Go is still needed."

"For a journalist, working on Fair Go carries an unusual burden of personal expectation and involvement in peoples real lives. If you dont care about the stories and the people, you wont be a good Fair Go reporter. The team genuinely care about the stories we cover."

Gordon is also enjoying being back in the field after "driving a desk for too much for the last few years."

"My first shoot was down in Cromwell," he says. "Absolutely stunning day, magnificent views of the Southern Alps to and from Auckland on the plane, and filming with some really lovely people.  Its an enormous privilege to work on the show, but as I found on my first stint (1995), Im constantly appalled at the lack of conscience that you come up against."

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