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Fair Go: Wedding run-around

Published: 6:18PM Wednesday April 08, 2009

Reporter:  Tanya Spinka

Amy and Stu Williams planned their wedding a year in advance - they'd booked the reception at Tulloch Lodge on the outskirts of Masterton. It had everything they needed: the venue; bar; catering and accommodation for themselves and their guests.  Amy and Stu paid a $4,500 deposit - everything was under control.

All of a sudden, only two weeks before their big day, Tulloch Lodge Ltd goes into liquidation - wound up by the IRD for an unpaid tax bill of $50,000.  In a panic Amy and Stu approach the Lodge's owners, Trevor and Rebecca Pearce, who assure them that their wedding will still go ahead.  They're not comfortable with this so they go to the liquidators for extra assurance.  Sure enough, Price Waterhouse Coopers send them an email - confirmation that, yes - the wedding will still go ahead as planned on Saturday 28 February 2009.

But at 4pm two days before the wedding the liquidators drop a bombshell; they've closed down the lodge and the wedding is off.

Amy and Stu are in a tail-spin - they've been waiting long enough to get married, and they're not prepared to put it off any longer.  But with only 48 hours to go, they're racing against the clock.

Finally, with the help of Masterton's Mayor - Amy and Stu are able to get married after all.  Their new venue? The Masterton Town Hall.  So the couple are happily married, but it's not a great start when you're $4,500 out of pocket...

After Fair Go gets involved, the liquidators agree to make a goodwill contribution of $2,000 and the owners of the lodge, Trevor and Rebecca Pearce agree to pay the rest.  Nothing can make up for what Amy and Stu had to go through, but at least they've finally got their money back.