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Fair Go: The no 'break-in' break-in

Published: 9:09PM Wednesday April 15, 2009 Source: Fair Go

  • Jocelyn Bond (Source: Fair Go)
    Jocelyn Bond - Source: Fair Go

Reporter: Ruwani Perera

Jocelyn Bond is battling leukemia and on doctor's orders, was asked to leave a key outside her property in case of any medical emergencies. But in February, Jocelyn's home was broken into, the thieves entering her home through her front door. Twenty thousand dollars worth of jewellery was stolen including a sapphire bracelet, an amethyst brooch and woven gold chain.

Jocelyn phoned the police, but they could find no evidence of a forced entry. They believed a key Jocelyn had left hidden in her garden was used by the burglar to enter through her front door. Jocelyn then got in touch with her insurers.

S.I.S specialise in insuring the over 50's and Jocelyn's held a policy with them for ten years. She explained to S.I.S why she left her key outside and was told that she would be covered under her contents insurance.

However on further investigation, and after she told them about the $20,000 valuation, something changed with S.I.S. and they denied there had been a break-in, declining her claim.

S.I.S now say Jocelyn has done nothing wrong and admit that they made the wrong decision. Jocelyn's $20,000 claim has now gone through and she can try to replicate some of the stolen jewellery.

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