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Long Parking

Published: 5:12PM Wednesday March 11, 2009

Long parking
Reporter: Hannah Wallis

Carolyn Guiver hadn't used the credit card parking ticket machines at Auckland Airport so when she visited on December 1 last year, she mistakenly swiped her credit card at the wrong machine. She then couldn't exit the park, and ended up telling the parking kiosk attendant, who made a note, and let her out of the carpark.

Six weeks later she returned for another short stay pick-up, this time thought she'd got it right, but as she exited and swiped her credit card, she got a receipt for $1111.00! Back she went to the kiosk, to try to get an immediate refund, but was told it would take 3 days if it was done urgently, and her details were taken again. And in the end it took six weeks and several phone calls and texts to Wilson Parking to finally get her $1111.00 back.

Carolyn got that massive charge because she'd swiped the wrong machine, so the system showed her arriving on December 1, but not leaving, at all. Then when she revisited the carpark on January 10, the next swipe of her card registered as a departure, not an arrival - which meant it looked like she'd been there all that time, six weeks.
Wilson Parking had no comment for us on this situation - but their bosses, Auckland Airport, have been very helpful. They say while the problems started because Carolyn had made mistakes, Wilson's car park attendants failed to properly report the situation, twice, and then once Carolyn started chasing things up, the paper work went walkabout.

Auckland Airport says Wilson Parking is responsible for complaint management and the satisfactory resolution of complaints, and as a result of this incident Auckland Airport will be reviewing the performance contract of this operator.

We've criticised Wilson Parking many times before. It just bounces off them. Of course, what they think of us doesn't matter. But their nonchalance and arrogance seems to extend to their own customers as well. And that's just not on.

Finally, Auckland Airport has offered to pay any expenses Carolyn incurred as a result of all this - such as interest on her credit card.

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